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Regent Street ⁄ Regent’s Park
(Dickens thought it looked like a racetrack), 2009

Regent Street / Regent’s Park (Dickens Thought It Looked Like a Racetrack) investigates major 19th-century urban-development changes that favoured the individual’s freedom of movement for the first time, but whose architecture restricted collective movements and gatherings. For this work I roamed Regent Street and the area around the park for several days, photographing as many shop and street signs, fences and barriers as I could. I subsequently redrew and scanned them all, and then installed them in a true-to-scale site plan of the streets. The result is an overload of pictures, logos, signals and signs that regulate the movements and perceptions of passersby.

In: City in Sight | Stadt in Sicht
How Artists View the Century of the Cities

70 international artists and 280 works from the Deutsche Bank Collection

Museums Ostwall, Dortmund
April 20 - August 04, 2013

Photographer Jürgen Spiler